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Ars Electronica, a cultural institution for media art based in Linz, Austria. The future-oriented art center, which creates innovation in fields such as art, technology, and science and is a source of energy for the region, is drawing attention from around the world.


On March 22, 2015, a public event was held at Toramon, Tokyo, as part of the joint project “FUTURE CATALYSTS” by Ars Electronica and Hakuhodo, where citizens took the initiative in considering “town development.”

“FUTURE CATALYSTS” transcends the framework of art, technology, science, etc., and makes use of each other’s experience, expertise, and creativity to create “creative questions” to create the future and solve various social problems. Efforts to create. We aim to be a “catalyst” that creates the “future” of Japanese industry, government, and local communities.

It’s hard to think of what new technology can do. The projects we undertake are the gateway to this inspiration.

“Often the inspiration comes from the artist.” Ars Electronica has been holding an international competition called “Prix Ars Electronica” every year since 1987. Every year, about 4000 applications are submitted, and artists and designers from about 80 countries present their ideas. Innovative ideas flow is created by gathering innovative and exciting ideas together. The signs and hints seen here will be analyzed at “Future Lab” and utilized in new products and services of companies, new educational programs, etc., and provided to society.

“Our job is matchmaking. Good ideas are useful for the needs and challenges of other disciplines. You can call it. “

These art projects are always in operation in the city of Linz. This is the source of continuous innovation in various fields.


Modern society is formed by technology. Mobile phones are a good example, and we use technology for games, education, entertainment, and leisure. The technology used to be in companies, factories, and laboratories. It is now alive in a more familiar living environment.

The artist’s point of view and perspective, which have the energy to drive, is important. “


Ars Electronica also develops educational programs for all ages, from kindergarten to elementary school, vocational school, and university. The program encourages students to be creatively interested and curious and develops self-expression by deepening their understanding and experience of new technologies.

How to transform new technology created by engineers into something familiar. Creativity is essential to this process.

“It is important to transform young people from technology” consumers “to” creators “through educational programs.”

It also holds a festival every year for 36 years to introduce new technologies, ideas, and cutting-edge topics. Art-related events are usually held in museums and concert halls, but this festival actively goes out into the city. “Meet the people of the city to discuss cutting-edge technologies such as virtual technology, nanotechnology, and genetic engineering.”

By going out into the city, we have realized regional revitalization involving citizens, including those who are not interested in art and technology. Fostering creative sensibilities and perspectives for the entire region is the driving force for creating the “future” of the region.

As part of a joint project with Hakuhodo, an event was held in Tokyo in March to consider citizen-centered community development.

Ars Electronica, which is working on a project in collaboration with Hakuhodo, is an art center in Linz, Austria, which started in 1979 as an initiative for regional revitalization. Through various projects based on innovative ideas and ideas, we have realized the revitalization of local communities in various fields such as industry, education, employment, and tourism.

With this art center as a catalyst, the city of Linz has attracted worldwide attention as a prototype of urban regeneration with artistic culture at its core and was selected as the EU “European Capital of Culture” in 2009 and the UNESCO “Creative City” in 2014.

We will bring about new innovations in the local community by connecting artistic perspectives and sensibilities to cutting-edge technology. This is Ars Electronica’s major role in the region.

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